Why do we get angry for no reason?

Why do we get angry for no reason?

I believe we might have not found complete prevention but we might have reasons to explain and a resolution path.

It is not the moment of anger we need to analyze, it is the preceding set of events in the subconscious mind that trigger the anger.

Each individual’s experience of the world and the events happening surrounding could be different, the resultant emotions could be different.

The bottom line is, if our subconscious mind is full of thoughts and emotions, and it continuously accumulates like bubbles in a bottle, then we are predisposed to get angry quickly.

The opposite is also true, if you have a near-empty subconscious mind, like a lake without waves, still throwing a small stone can invoke anger.

It is the personality that is developed over the period with the help of our surroundings, upbringing, genes, and Biology, all these factors make us prone to Anger issues.

Our personality is like a hardened snow rock that does not melt easily and contains a lot of impurities ( the ones we see in our neighborhoods when snow falls continuously for days and you move the snow to a side)

Getting rid of impurities in our personality helps in managing anger.

What could be these impurities?

Attitudes we learned from our surroundings, which might not be correct.

Having more than the required sense of “Ego”

Not able to be assertive when required but keeping the emotions inside, which will have loud bursts later turned into Anger.

Anger could be also a stress response, the simple formula is S = P > R, stress develops when the pressure is greater than the resources for a given expectation.

What is the resolution path?

Physical Exercise, Escape from the situation for a while, Think Realistically, Trying to be positive, Taking advice from family and friends, Review any underlying medical condition by consulting a doctor or counselor.

Watch the below video to get the philosophical perspective.