Exorcism or bhūt bādhana


Ancient India has a tradition of spiritual practices, and exorcism Also called bhūt bādhana in Hindi, is a part of that Here are some resources if you’d like to delve deeper: What Science says about “Exorcism”? Science doesn’t directly address the existence of demons or spirits, which are the core belief behind exorcism. However, science … Read more

Mindset During Negative Emotions


The Power of Perspective: Shifting Your Mindset Acknowledge and Validate Your Emotions Practice Self-Care Reframe Your Thoughts Set Realistic Goals Seek Support Engage in Meaningful Activities Practice Self-Compassion Additional Tips: Remember, it’s important to be patient and persistent with yourself. Working through adjusting your mindset on emotional lows takes time and effort, but it is … Read more

Chaotic Current affairs: see the Bigger picture

Current Affairs_Books_are_weapons_in_the_war_of_ideas

How to see the bigger picture of current affairs and why we often miss it: Developing a Broader Perspective: Combating Cognitive Biases on current affairs: Additional Tips: Why We Miss the Bigger Picture on current affairs: By following these tips and being aware of the reasons why we sometimes miss the bigger picture, you can … Read more

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations Oliver_Tacke_-_Diskussion

Difficult conversations are a fact of life That doesn’t make them any easier. Here are some tips for navigating them effectively: Before the Conversation: During the Conversation: Be Flexible in difficult conversations: Remember below in difficult conversations: By following these tips, you can approach difficult conversations with more confidence and increase your chances of a … Read more

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