Heaven: Does it really exists?

Heaven and Hell

The concept of heaven in ancient times likely arose from a combination of factors: Why the concept of heaven was created in ancient times? Here are some specific examples from ancient cultures: These are just a few examples, and the concept of heaven has evolved greatly throughout history. But the core reasons likely stemmed from … Read more

Chaotic Current affairs: see the Bigger picture

Current Affairs_Books_are_weapons_in_the_war_of_ideas

How to see the bigger picture of current affairs and why we often miss it: Developing a Broader Perspective: Combating Cognitive Biases on current affairs: Additional Tips: Why We Miss the Bigger Picture on current affairs: By following these tips and being aware of the reasons why we sometimes miss the bigger picture, you can … Read more

Spirituality: What exactly does it mean?


Spirituality is a broad concept with a rich history There isn’t one single definition. Here are two main ways to think about it: Here are some key things to keep in mind: If you’re interested in learning more: Absolutely! Here’s more food for thought: Challenge Your Assumptions: 3 Questions to Spark a Spiritual Awakening Religion … Read more

Job search tips for a new job

Job search tips

Job search tips: Wake up early morning, increase the number of working hours in the day Allocate time for learning, preparing for interviews, and networking with people. Don’t be alone, move around to interact with more people and attend online webinars related to your field. search for part-time or temporary jobs, don’t blame yourself at … Read more