What is Death?

What is Death? Why we don’t think about it at all till we face it?

Our Brain makes us forget about this reality all the time to make us feel we are eternal.

However, the fear of Death in our subconscious mind drives us to act cautiously and react in different ways to different situations to survive longer.

The life movie was shown to us by our brain and giving us the hero/heroine character is one of the most fascinating things in the world.

We move through different character roles during the course of this movie.

However, the trickier thing is we are aware of this movie is being played and yet we prefer to perform live in the movie rather than being witnesses to this movie, we have both choices though the witness choice is harder to perform or impossible to perform all the time.

It is this Witness called “Sakshi” in Sanskrit, and this is what we are…

And to answer the question “What is Death?”, the answer is “When Brain stops showing us the movie” it is Death, However, the witness may be transcended to another life form or achieve Nirvana… only the witness knows!!!

Watch the below video to get more clarity

Mind vs Witness Consciousness
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