Change is Constant

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Change is constant

Change is Constant

What is the greatest illusion our mind throws upon us at all times?

The title of this page is the truth, the opposite of it is the illusion and answer to the above question.

Often we get stuck in a comfort zone and ignorant about the upcoming changes which can happen to our life, and when the change occurs we get into a panic mode.

The changes can be positive or negative, however, we always intend to have positive changes, is it really practical not to expect negative outcomes? The answer is “No”, negative outcomes are part of life and make our experience richer and strengthen us.

I believe “Change is Constant” should be our screen saver or should be in a photo frame in our living rooms.

Since we have no ability to prevent a change, we have ways to minimize the after-effects of it.

The concept “Sthita prajna” is helpful.

The concept we have to understand is “Maya“, The below story is the best example.

Change is Constant or call it Maya
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