Time and Maya

Time and Maya

We often talk about how valuable time is, how we should not waste time, how we have to productively utilize the time etc…

Here are some illusions offered by the brain for us with respect to “Time”

when you are waiting for something, Time is Slow!!!

when you are getting late, Time is Fast!!

When you are Happy, Time is short!!!

When you are in Pain, Time gets more elastic!!

Do the above really true?

The answer is Yes for the “I”

The answer is NO for the “Witness to the I”

The “Witness” is a prisoner of Mind through the illusion of “I” and this is called “Maya” in Sanskrit, and there are more highly sophisticated definitions of “Maya”, however, I believe for a layman like me this looks like good for basic understanding.

I know the above paragraph is difficult to understand unless you go through the below video.

Happiness Joy Bliss