Do you need Happiness Joy Pleasure Bliss?

Happiness Joy Pleasure Bliss

We often use these words in our daily lives, I wonder at times what is the difference between them.

What is Happiness?

Answer: Happiness occurs due to an external event, like when you visit a place or meet somebody you like, a thought in your mind, or an event that makes you happy.

What is Joy?

Answer: an internal feeling you cultivate yourself, some people are more often joyful, and some or not, lucky their brain chemistry is helpful to them to cultivate joy out of nothing or something, we often see these kinds of people and feel envious of them, however, we do experience joy but not show it more often than those joyful people, so don’t worry, if you are reading this with a laughing smile, you are joyful.

What is Pleasure?

Answer: momentary happiness which you derive from an event, can be anything.

What is Bliss?

Answer: This occurs when happiness happens at a higher threshold, this is what we are looking for most of the time, being in a blissful state is the ultimate goal of the “Witness” ( Remember Mind, and body are separate from the Witness), it is this witness aka Sakshi in Sanskrit is fundamental “You”

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