What the meaning of karma

what the meaning of karma

What the meaning of karma? The word “Karma” is from Sanskrit.


Why it is important to understand what is karma?

  • The answer to this will help in moderating our habits, and behavior.
  • There is no point in reading about karma when we don’t use it for our betterment.
  • The simple derivation is “good karma keeps you happy” and “Bad karma leads to unhappiness by accumulating guilt in the mind”
  • Unexpected things happen without our involvement or knowledge. People can escape from unnecessary guilt by transferring the blame to past karma. (this concept is difficult to digest for a lot of people who do not believe in karma)
  • We often suffer from guilt because of unexpected events happening in life and we struggle to get a rational explanation for them, exactly for these situations rationalizing with karma helps.
  • Though karma cannot answer all life situations, it is a conceptual tool to help us reduce the burden of guilt.

Here is a beautiful story to make it more clear.


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