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Karma in End less number of cycle of births and rebirths

sanchita karma vs prarabdha karma

Sanchita karma is the total accumulation of karma from your past lives. As Karma became a daily used word in parts of the world, people often had a generic understanding of karma, let me repeat what it can be “Karma is translated as action or deed” Prarabdha karma is the chunk of sanchita karma you are going to experience in your current life. The end goal is no sanchita karma left and thus no re-birth. The earliest reference to Karma happened in “Brihadaranyaka Upanishad“ Now as a man is like this or like that,according to as he acts and according

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Story about Karma

Wonderful Story about Karma

Story about Karma An elderly man and his wife went to a small hotel. They requested a room for the night and it is raining outside continuously. The Clerk at the front desk told them, as there are three conventions happening in the town, all the rooms are booked. However, empathy makes us humans!! The clerk offered his own office room, though it is not a suite but good enough to make the elderly couple comfortable for the night. As they leave the hotel in the morning, the elderly man said to the clerk “you should be the manager of

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