What is Anger Management

Anger Management

What is Anger Management

What is Anger? is it an emotion? or a response to a typical situation?

Both above are valid.

The below from Bhagavad-Gita Explains how it affects us.

“krodhād bhavati sammohaḥ sammohāt smṛiti-vibhramaḥ
smṛiti-bhranśhād buddhi-nāśho buddhi-nāśhāt praṇaśhyati”

Kradhad bhavati: From Anger

Sammoaha: Judgement gets affected.

Sanmohat: from the cloud of judgment comes

smriti vibramah: Bewilderment

smriti-bhranshat: Bewilderment of Memory

Buddhi-nashah: Destruction of intellect

pranashyati: one is ruined ( not in a complete sense however in that situation the person becomes not himself)

Meditation is the best remedy.

A simple way to eliminate the destructive response is, instead of expressing it aggressively, write down your emotions on paper or on the computer, and start reading them after a while, you will laugh at yourself sometimes.

Above if you practice over time, will help.

Online courses in Indian philosophy

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