Pranayama Best way to reclaim Vitality

Pranayama is methodic breathing.

The method helps cleanse your lungs and improve oxygen supply to the brain and body.

Prayanama originates from “Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Technical Explanation”

To the left of the spine we have the nerve “Ida” and to the right of the spine is the nerve “Pingala”

The life energy travels through Ida initiating the breathing cycle and the life energy flows through the Pingala nerve in the exhalation cycle.

The ultimate objective is to make the life energy flow through the deep spine called Sushumna, when the level of energy in Sushumna reaches the top of the spine and thus goes into the spiritual eye or sixth chakra, enlightenment happens.

Here is some more explanation of Kundalini Awakening

Thus helping you gain vital energy and clarity in thoughts.

There are several techniques of Pranayama.

Viloma – Interrupted Breathing.
Anulom Vilom – Alternate Nostril Breathing.
Cooling Breath – Sheetali, Sitkari, Kaki mudra.
Ujjayi – Victorious Breath.
Bhramari – Humming Bee Breath.
Bhastrika – Bellow’s Breath.
Surya Bhedan – Right Nostril Breathing.

Here below descriptive guide.

Pranayama Beginers step by step

We often forget we are living because we are breathing, so why not utilize this fundamental process of life in a methodical way to gain more benefits and live long!!

Caution: If you are suffering from serious or unknown medical conditions, please consult your doctor if you want to try Pranayama.

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