What is Enlightenment?


Enlightenment is a priceless word because once you achieve it, nothing more to be done.

This is the single most desire across most intelligent people, However, to date, nobody explained how is that experience exactly and what it is. and how does a person who is enlightened experience the world and live? the answer so far is he or she will be like any other normal human being.

Is it an experience? or Is it knowledge?

Is it an awakening? like Buddha said he is awakened after he got enlightenment.

One of the popular texts in Vedanta “Manisha Panchakam

The text is here “https://sanskritdocuments.org/sites/snsastri/Manishapanchakam.pdf”

In Manisha Panchakam, Shankaracharya says below

If a person has attained the firm knowledge that he is not an
the object of perception, but is that pure consciousness which
shines clearly in the states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep,
and which, as the witness of the whole universe, dwells in all
bodies from that of the Creator Brahma to that of the ant, then
he is my Guru.

Above is the characteristic of an enlightened being.

Here is a lecture by Swami Sarva Priyananda

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