Pibare Rama Rasam

Pibare Rama Rasam, Strange phrase for 99% of the world’s population, let me explain.

Pibare means Drink the essence of the philosophy of Rama.

This is the first stanza of one of the greatest songs in south Indian classical music.

The song gives you happiness and bliss by invoking the emotions produced by a devotional mind.

It is usually best to listen to this song in the morning.

The song “Pibare Rama Rasam” is written by Sadasiva Brahmendra

Here below lyrics are translated credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pibare_Rama_Rasam

Drink (Verb – Piban) (implied as absorb) the essence (Rasam) of the name of Rama, o tongue (rasana).

It will help you (implied) remove or be distant (Dūrīkr̥ta) from association with sin (Pātaka) or be distant from those who cause you to sin and you will be fulfilled (Pūrita) with many kinds (Nānā Vidha) and types (varga) of rewards/gains (phala).

It will help you be far removed (Vidūram) from the fear (Bhaya) and grief (Śōka) of the cycle of birth and death (Janana-Maraṇa), it is the essence (Sāraṃ) of all (Sakala) the religious treatises (Śāstra), the Vedas (Nigama) and sciences (Āgama).

It protects (Paripālita) all creation. Brahma was born of a lotus (Sarasija) from a golden egg (Garbha Aṇḍam – womb & egg) and then he created the whole universe. So this phrase implies that chanting Rama’s name protects the whole universe. It will purify (Pavitrī) even the most (Parama) impious or heretic (Pāṣāṇḍam).

It is the pure (Śuddha) song (Gītam) that signature of the poet (Paramahamsa) has taken refuge in (Āśrama/Aśrita), it is the same which has been drunk (Pītam) by sages like Śuka Śaunaka and Kauśika.

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Pibare Rama Rasam

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