Bhakti vs Jnana vs Karma Yoga

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Differentiate Bhakti vs Jnana vs Karma Yoga

For a layman who never studied Hinduism, The below may be difficult to understand or look utterly new, however, a start has to be made somewhere provided you are interested.

Bhakti in Sanskrit means Devotion.

Jnana in Sanskrit means Knowledge.

Karma in Sanskrit means action.

You may choose any of these paths depending on your interest all are equal and may lead to equanimity which ultimately leads to god realization.

Bhakti marga or yoga means practicing devotion towards a personal deity.

Jnana marga or Yoga means realizing the ultimate truth with the help of knowledge.

Karma Marga or Yoga means using action as a tool to help himself and society and thus achieve God.

One of the above three is naturally chosen by people irrespective of their religion.

The fundamental benefit of the above three is “Leading to certain happiness”

Any of the above paths will help you reduce stress levels and increase your happiness quotient, and this is the first requirement for progress in the spiritual path.

If you are not happy and do whatever is not correct.

Now exploring further is your choice and good luck.

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