Jo Atchyutananda Timeless sleeping pill

Jo Atchyutananda Yashoda_Swinging_Baby_Krishna

Jo Atchyutananda is a Sankirtana song by legendary Annamacharya Tallapaka Annamacharya(Telugu: తాళ్ళపాక అన్నమాచార్య) (IAST: taḷḷapāka annamācārya; 22 May 1408 – 4 April 1503), also popularly known as Annamayya, was a legendary musician, composer, And a Hindu saint. He is one of the greatest musicians and songwriters in Indian history. Annamacharya is widely regarded as the … Read more

Shyama Shastri’s Timeless Melodies

Shyama Shastri

Shyama Shastri’s Timeless Melodies South India has a rich cultural and musical heritage that dates back to several centuries. Among the many great composers who have contributed to the Carnatic music tradition, Shyama Shastri is a name that stands out. Shyama Shastri was a legendary composer who lived during the 18th century and is renowned … Read more

Pibare Rama Rasam

Pibare Rama Rasam

Pibare Rama Rasam, Strange phrase for 99% of the world’s population, let me explain. Pibare means Drink the essence of the philosophy of Rama. This is the first stanza of one of the greatest songs in south Indian classical music. The song gives you happiness and bliss by invoking the emotions produced by a devotional … Read more