Jagadodharana a heart-melting classical song

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Jagadodharana Krishna with Yashoda

Jagadodharana is a popular Carnatic kriti composed by Purandara Dasa in the raga Kaapi.

It is a devotional song in praise of Lord Krishna and is often sung during Krishna Janmashtami celebrations.

The song begins with the Pallavi, which introduces the main theme of the song: Lord Krishna as the savior of the world. The anupallavi and Charanams expand on this theme, describing Krishna’s infinite glory and compassion.

The song is set in the Adi tala and is characterized by its slow and gentle tempo. The raga Kaapi is a melancholic raga, which is well-suited to the devotional mood of the song.

Jagadodharana is a beautiful and moving song that has been sung by many generations of Carnatic musicians. It is a popular choice for both beginners and experienced musicians alike.

Here is a translation of the Pallavi of the song:

Jagadodharana, the savior of the world, is born to Yashoda.

Here are the lyrics of the song “Jagadodharana” in English:

Jagadoddhaarana Adisidal Yashodhe

Jagadoddhaarana Maganendu Tiliyuta Sugunanta Rangana Adisidale Yashodhe

Charana 1:
Nigamake Silukada Aganeeta Maheemana Magugala Manikyana Adisidala Yashodhe

Charana 2:
Anoraniyana Mahato Mahimana Aprameyanana Adisidala Yashodhe

Charana 3:
Parama Purusana Paravasudevana Purandara Vithalana Adisidalu Yashodhe

Please note that these lyrics are in English and may not be an exact translation of the original Kannada lyrics.

It is a popular song in both the Kannada and Tamil languages. It is also sung in other languages, such as Telugu and Sanskrit.

Many famous Carnatic musicians have recorded Jagadodharana, including M.S. Subbulakshmi, N. Ramani, and Sudha Raghunathan.

Jagadodharana is a timeless classic of Carnatic music and continues to be enjoyed by listeners all over the world.

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