How to avoid negative thoughts?

Negative Thoughts

How to avoid negative thoughts?

Is this the most common question you are asking yourself most of the time? then the best advice is to consult a Doctor.

For people who get less often this question, the answer is self-reflection.

Try to see the origins of the question yourself, a simple example more often students ask themselves will I fail the exam?

The best answer to this question is again asking a question to ourselves.

Am I prepared sufficiently for the exam?

Did I do enough work to satisfy a good preparation?

As you regressively ask these questions to yourself and resolve them in a timeline, with a checklist, soon you will be busy working hard rather than thinking unnecessarily.

the same applies to other life situations.

Remember for every problem there is a resolution path, it is our duty to enquire and research and execute a plan.

We know there are unfortunate situations where variables are not in your control, however, try to understand “Time will heal everything”

Useful insight from Swami Mukundananda.

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