How to deal with a bad day?

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Bad Day

How to deal with a bad day?

How to deal with it?

More often at the end of the day, we realize this and scramble our thoughts.

How can we predict it?

We don’t need to discuss a good day as it is least remembered most of the time. it is the “Bad Day” we remember for some time, However remembering a good day on a bad day is helpful.

People with Anxiety, follow a strict planning schedule for their daily tasks and upcoming activities,

Though normal people need not be meticulous, however, a well amount of planning will help in avoiding it. This will help them to avoid surprises.

Try to complete your pending tasks earlier than expected.

Inaccurate communication and delays cause misunderstandings and lead to difficult situations and uncomfortable days.

Irregular financial planning can be another cause, like being unable to pay pending bills on time or missing them.

Have a planner available online/on paper to mark the important days in the month for paying bills.

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