Why do overestimate our ability?

Overestimate our ability

Why do overestimate our ability?

Each individual experience of the world is unique, though we may have shared opinions, likes, and dislikes.

We tend to consciously think we had enough competency, specifically in the subjects where a high amount of training and awareness is required.

People had seen this abundant in the initial months of the Covid pandemic.

Politicians and some scientists claim covid can be cured with some unproven drugs and treatments.

We will not be aware of our lack of competence most of the time or we overestimate.

To those who work in the Software field, this is a perfectly-known scenario.

The other area most common people get affected is “Stock Market”.

Also applies to some other fields like economics which is somewhat based on human behavior.

In fact, it can happen in any field of work or study.

People with issues of “Metacognition” suffer from this more.

The science behind this is named as “Dunning-Kruger Effect”

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Learned Helplessness

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