Why Facebook is down on Oct 4?

Why Facebook is down?

The other day I was in the auto repair shop, need to get an oil change for my car.

As I need to wait for some time, thought of checking social media websites, usually, I go to Facebook.

hmm, Facebook is not opening, went ahead to see if any news is coming out about “Facebook is down”!!

As I notice in the news headlines, it is mentioned Facebook is down and they are investigating it.

After a few days, came back to the question of why it was down and how it can be explained to a layman.

Imagine you are using a GPS while driving to a destination.

We know GPS gives us multiple route options, and we can select one of the routes to reach the destination.

However, while driving to the destination, suddenly your GPS cannot get the route information and thus cannot guide you.

Now you are stuck, this is what looks like happened with the “Facebook down” scenario as per their explanation.

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