What is Zen Philosophy?

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What is Zen Philosophy?

The word “Dhyana” in Sanskrit means meditation, When the Chinese learned about it, they pronounced it as “Chan”.

Finally, in Japanese, it became “Zen”.

I remember hearing Allan Watts explaining “Zen Philosophy”, it was a wonderful lecture, will share the link at the bottom of this page.

Obviously, the roots of Zen philosophy are Hinduism and Buddhism.

Please see Moksha vs Kaivalya vs Nirvana vs Salvation

We often do not live in the current moment, our mind drags us into the past or future.

Enjoy the current moment and you are the practitioner of Zen.

How to enjoy the current moment?

Well, the simple answer is to watch your mind and observe whether it is making you live in the past or future, apart from this there are several methods suggested, these can be observed with the people living in rural areas of the world.

Service to people and animals.


Focus on work.

The proverb “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” summarizes the zen philosophy.

Bodhidharma propagated Buddhism in China and later it got transformed into Zen.

Here below is a good lecture by Allan Watts


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