How people sin and How liberated and Vritti

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How people sin

How people sin and How they can be liberated by controlling Vritti

In Vedanta, there is a term called ‘Vritti

What is a Vritti?

Though it is much more technical, It is a seed or fluctuation in mind before your final action that you perform consciously or unconsciously. (Like when you are in a rage)

These seeds get generated in your mind continuously and there is no way to stop them.

Unless you became an expert in meditation or got absorbed in your favorite passion.

As per Vedanta, Your past karma drives these seeds and leads you to perform actions.

What about the sins we do when we are in a fit of rage and later regret and think this is not me?

Vritti is a logical explanation and gives you some reconciliation. (No legal excuse)

Now the question is How do we get liberated?

One of the Objectives of Yoga is “Chitta Vritti Nirodha”. means cessation of thoughts.

This means a reduction of the number of Vritti’s and thus making it near to liberation.

What does modern science say about this?

We are the product of our environment, upbringing by our parents, and Biology.

Each individual’s brain configuration is different and it gets modified by the above factors.

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