What is the science behind getting upset?

What is the science behind getting upset?

What is the science behind getting upset?

Do science really needs to explain about getting upset? We get upset sometimes and it is natural.

However, the things to which we get upset might not upset others!! Why?

Let’s define “upset”, it is not anger but discomfort or feeling of sadness for a given experience.

Our subconscious mind establishes its own comfort zone and wants to be in the comfort zone all the time, like a cocoon.

As the mind is scanning or absorbing real-world experiences,

it compares them with its level of the comfort zone and triggers emotions if there is a deviation, and one of them is “upset”.

What is the optimum response when we get upset?

Each individual responds differently,

Some may exhibit emotions openly and some keep their emotions within themselves.

Some of the response is genetic.

The culture you are living in teaches you from childhood how to respond.

You learn the behavior from your parents and the people living around you.

Coming back to the optimum response, the answer is changing your awareness level to another level.

Keeping calm for a short period looks reasonable response for most situations.

Asking yourself what could be the reason for me getting upset.

Suppressing emotional responses at all times is not good,

it may increase the biological stress response to higher levels and can cause other unknown problems in the longer term.

Another aspect of responding to getting upset is “Cognitive dissonance”

Please watch the below video for more. By Dr. Ramani Durvasula

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