What is it that human beings desire most?

What is that human beings desire most?

Answer: May I always be happy.

Now the answer contains “I”, Is this I the real you? or is it an illusionary “I” created by your Mind?

If the “I” is created by our Mind, then the Mind is created by the Body and Brain.

The Body and Brain are temporary then “Always” is not possible.

so do we want eternally happy? Do we want to preserve our existence and also be happy at all times?

Now existence becomes synonymous with “I”.

“Existence” is the fundamental nature of Humans or everything in this world whether it is conscious or unconscious.

Existence is the property of the universe from which names and forms appear, as mentioned below


Death==>Become Part of Existence.

Now if we realize we are the existence, we don’t need to desire about being happy, as existence is asking existence is an open-ended question.

What is the point of discussing the above?

Accept existence is our fundamental nature and this is called enlightenment I believe.