How do Humans come into existence?

How do Humans come into existence?

We know now because of science, Earth will not be forever like this with humans as the dominant species, If we encapsulate the whole life period of the Earth as 100 years, the period of humans’ existence on Earth will be a period of 1 minute or maybe lesser than 1 minute.

The current life expectancy of the earth is 5 billion years, in this “Life” is expected to survive for one billion years, the survival period of humans will be much less than a billion years, as the earth’s geography changes and changes all the time. unless we find another habitable planet and move there.

How do Humans come into existence?

Most of the Human Race will answer this question by saying

“We exist because God created us”

Easy answer right?

Then comes the question is it required to kill dinosaurs? by sending an asteroid to let mammals survive and thus evolve? remember before the asteroid impact the Earth is ruled by Dinosaurs.

Why it is that we are not being created from day one on earth?

Why the destruction and construction? and follow the long process of evolution?

Our perception of time and whoever doing the evolution experiment is having a different perception of time.

If nobody doing the evolution experiment then it does not make sense because the evolution experiment looks somewhat methodical and completely random, like a paradox.

The ultimate question is what is the purpose of this whole existence?

One answer is “No Purpose” then nothing more to think, however why something without purpose?

The other answer can be “Play of God”, however, the play of God looks cruel at times.

Finally, we don’t have any conclusive answer, and this allows various cults, and religions to survive.

Why any enlightened human being on earth did not give us a conclusive answer?