Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion

Why Religion still plays an important role in world politics to date?

Religion has got both positive and negative effects, the positive effects of religion are, they make people flock together for a common cause, and they provide some good ethical and moral basis to live in a society in harmony.

However Religion is exploited by a few individuals from ancient times to grab power in society, unfortunately even in the modern age also this is continuing, the modern form of governance models like democracy also could not solve this problem.

What is the solution to this problem?

Parents need to educate their children about, how religion exploits people, for a better society in the future, at the same time teach children the good morals and ethics taught by religion, discrimination is the key, and children should be able to discriminate which is good and which is bad.

Governments pass a law to ban politicians and religious leaders who exploit religion and false beliefs.


Why do people believe in religion?

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