Thoughts Of Common Man

common man
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Thoughts Of Common Man

What can be an alternative system? concerning Capitalism or Socialism or Communism which can provide a decent living to people living below poverty at the same time provide assured health care and economic security to all sections of people in the society.

How much stress do we feel in our lives? because of Home loans, education loans, health care costs, living costs, Is there any index? that can provide a measurement of this stress level across the society and display it as a benchmark representing each country.

There is an ancient phrase in Sanskrit “Dhanam moolam idham Jagath” written by Chanakya the political advisor and one of the earlier political scientists in India, The meaning of this phrase is Money is the most important thing in this world”, how can few people be good at earning money and most of the population lives in day to day survival, is the system of governance we created for ourselves is faulty or it is a fair system but people with less knowledge will suffer most? how we can arrive at a more fair system which allows people to have a decent living without worrying about money, what are the root causes of this inequality growing?

Looks a partial answer is how Singapore’s economy is successful, its economy had extreme features of capitalism and socialism and is a success making all theories not correct.

What we desire most