How to Deal with people who do not like or hate you

How to Deal with people who do not like or hate you

Sometime back when I was in a gathering, somebody asked this question to somebody.

At first, I thought this is an easy question, the answer is to ignore them!!

Then !! Is it so simple to Ignore? what if the person who is in a relationship with you like maybe a spouse or brother or parent or some near family or some close friend suddenly changed his/her behavior?

Coming back to the above question, let’s analyze why it is not simple.

The answer is the “Attachment” our mind had with that person, and the second component is our “Ego” which got hurt.

Maybe the attachment will go away over the period, however, if your “Ego” is hurt, it takes a long time to heal.

Now the question of “How to deal with this”

The first thing to identify is who is suffering here. You will say it is me.

“Me” is your Mind, Not the actual “You”

Learn to disregard your mind when it throws negative thoughts, This is the “Key”

Easier to say but in practice it is difficult.

Get busy in life with more activity and service, You will heal fast.

The above is not any advice or recommendation just a discussion, The ideal recommendation would be to consult a professional counselor based on your situation.

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