What is Yoga

What is Yoga

We know one of the popular exports from India is “Yoga”.

You need not follow any religion or philosophy to have a good life.

The concept of Yoga itself is enough to give you a healthy life and more mental clarity on various things in the world.

Here below are the core concepts of Yoga and answer to the question “What is Yoga”

Objective: cessation of all mental functions leading to the realization of God.

Practise Methods:

Yama: Restrain from violence, lying, theft, and other bad behaviors.

Niyama: Have good habits, keep hygiene, study, contentment, etc.

Asana: Physical postures to help you maintain physical and mental health.

Pranayama: Breath control, is one of the best derivatives of Yoga to help you in eliminating breathing disorders and keep you energetic.

Dharana: Focus attention on an object to improve attention.

Dhyana: Meditation.

Pratyahara: Withdrawl of senses.

Samadhi: Once your Dharana and Dhyana reach a threshold and lead to a mental state called Samadhi, where the practitioner loses self-awareness, beyond this what happens nobody knows except the practitioner, it could be union with God or feel integrated with everything.

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