What is Dharma?

What is Dharma?

For most people in the world, the word Dharma is a strange word.

There are four pillars on which we live our life.

Dharma: Principles and Morals we follow, Each individual has his own principles and Morals, however, there are some universal principles and morals we learn from elders and others in society.

Artha: Wealth and well-being.

Kaama, not Karma: Actions performed for pleasure and happiness.

Moksha: Liberation from the cycle of Karma, people think about this in different ways, like religion promises good life after death.

The cycle of Karma means, We are born, live for some time, die, and are born again carrying the luggage of past karma and goes on.., till we achieve moksha.

The beauty of the concept of Moksha is!!

People strive for Moksha by doing good karma and thus keeping society in harmony. In Reality not all society but most of society.

Why we are discussing the above?

What is the purpose of understanding these concepts?

Often we get into thoughts of how to lead a happy life. and how to handle our life in a proper way so that we will not get into complicated situations.

The above four have to be understood and followed at optimum levels to achieve that.

You should follow your own Dharma: This is the most difficult part and not well understood by most of us, your day-to-day activities need to have a base of some principles and morals, Adapting to good principles and morals given by your elders or religious preachers will help.

You should earn enough money to fulfill your daily and future needs.

You should strive for happiness by following Dharma and Kaama which results in Artha.

The final goal is Moksha is an automatic outcome promised if you lead a life with Dharma.

The above can be understood from Bhagavad Gita.

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