What is Panchatantra


This is an ancient storybook from India, which helps in our daily life immensely, If we understand these stories in the right way, We will be able to successfully avoid some difficult situations in our life.

Though the book is written during the times of people ruled by Kings and it has an orientation towards managing the kingdom effectively, as it is assumed to be taught to three princes.

Pancha means Five in English

Tantra means a technique.

Five Techniques for Leading a successful life.

Mitra-Bheda: On causing dissension among allies, though it is not really meant to create dissension among allies, it gives examples of how your allies are manipulated to create trouble.

Mitra-Samprapthi: On security allies.

Kakolukiyam: On War and Peace.

LabdhaPranasam: On Losing what you have gained.

Aparīkṣitakārakaṃ: On Hasty Actions.

Here below is a translation from Sanskrit to English


A wonderful story about Karma