Presence of Mind

It is easy to advise people to have the presence of mind, however, is it that easy to practice it and get results? the answer is clearly No.

What training options of available for us to improve our presence of mind?

First, let’s understand what the presence of the mind is.

I believe the presence of the mind is the optimum response for a given situation, not more or not less.

Take an example

A patient joins a hospital with a urological infection and spends 45 days in the hospital with multiple surgeries and spends a lot of money, however, the infection does not get contained, he gets discharged getting informed that it is out of their hands now.

After he went home, he visits a local doctor carrying all his reports hoping some miracle will happen. It is by luck the local doctor had a good experience, he examines the reports and examines the patient and laughs aloud, and asks him how much money you have spent so far. the patient informs him of the amount.

The doctor gives him a prescription which costs him a few dollars and tells him to follow the steps for a couple of weeks and come back.

What is the miracle the doctor prescribed?

Answer: an ointment is to be applied to the end of his penis from where the infection is entering his body.

After a couple of weeks, the patient went back and got his tests done again and his urological infection was contained.

The above is a real-world example of the presence of the mind.

Not to discredit the great people and Doctors who save our lives, but this is just an example that people in any field can make mistakes including me.

Moral of the story

The presence of the mind will come with experience training and some genes.

It is not right to think that anybody can have a presence of mind in all situations.

India, china and the arms world. Jai – my moral story.