what can you do with a Computer Science Degree?


What can you do with a computer science degree?

Congratulations!! you are one among the 150 million graduates in the world. ( as per google search nobody knows exactly)

The simple answer is to get a job in a software company.

The riskier would be to have an idea and turn it into a business.

If you are in Europe or North America or in a wealthy country, the probability of getting a job quickly is higher.

Now the trickier part, is that computer science itself branches out to several subfields. in which sub-branch I should specialize? what are the future prospects for each sub-branch?

Before we talk about sub-branch, we need to know what various sub-branches are there. in those sub-branches which sub-branch is having more prospects?

Please note that these sub-branches are not independent but will be interdisciplinary. ( I mean you have to have programming skills, Statistics, or any other dependent subject, you may require to learn that too in due course)

A) “Programming”, choose a language like C++, C#, or Java, and gain certification and mastery.

B) Data Science: With the growing amount of data and businesses need to analyze the data to learn patterns of customer behavior, user behavior, sales analysis, and forecast, Data scientist is getting more popular, and the ability to analyze data is increasingly becoming a necessity.

C) Algorithms and Artificial intelligence.

D) IoT ( Internet of things, again an inter-disciplinary)

E) Cyber Security ( Network Security, Software Security, Cloud Security)

F) Hardware ( Usually Computer Engineering is more suited to this as they have specific subjects to learn more on electronics and CPU architecture)

G) Cloud Computing ( need to gain knowledge on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud services )

H) Database management systems specialization ( Like Oracle, SQL Server, and other Database management systems )

Essential skills for success

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