How to reduce credit card debt?

How to reduce credit card debt?

There are two possibilities if you are seeing this page, one is as a casual reader you might have encountered this topic, or you may be really suffering from credit card debt.

Whatever it may be, let us see if we can understand this in a non-technical way.

Unless some real-life emergency caused you to spend money with a credit card, the other reasons can be below.

A) Compulsive shopping habits.

B )Really not knowing how credit cards work.

C) Expecting life does not offer surprises ( We are all victims of this behavior)

Now how to solve the problem?

A) Don’t be shy to ask your friends/colleagues/parents/family to assist you and give them your sincere thoughts and take help.

B) Talk to the Bank and explain your situation and see what resolution path they suggest.

C) Talk to the credit counselor.

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