What does it mean to watch your thoughts?

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What does it mean to watch your thoughts

Watch yourself or watch your thoughts what does it mean

We often get this response in angry conversations or from elders what does it mean?

One kind of Meditation is to “Tobe an observer of your “Train of thoughts”

you are always aware of your mind, this is a phenomenon nobody understood yet completely.

it is the degree of this awareness that is different from person to person.

the more aware you are, the more you will be able to observe your thoughts.

This comes by practice and the method is Meditation.

In real life, we tend to react to our negative thoughts more often than necessary.

Practicing to become an observer of your thoughts will lead to less anxiety.

The other way to handle situations of anger or anxiety is to identify a few productive ideas.

Once you identify your liked productive ideas like reading, gardening, and helping others in the community, please engage in them.

Here below is a recommended method.

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation | Psychology Today

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