Signs of being weak

What are the signs of being weak?

Before we explore the topic, we need to understand preaching or giving advice is easy and real life is different.

In this world, each individual’s life journey is based on the below factors.

Lucky to be alive.

Childhood is taken care of well by parents within a good neighborhood.

Rest is in the hands of an infinite number of variables.

With respect to the subject ‘Signs of being weak’, Having said the following we might consider which each individual might reflect to take a call.

A. Hiding ourselves in a comfort zone.

B. Not being creative enough in life situations. ( Blame the genes and Hormones most of the time blaming an individual may not be correct)

C. Give up easily.

D. Engaging in useless conversations. ( Maybe for fun it is okay but not too much)

E. Try to convince ourselves of the mistakes we make, rather we accept the truth and find solutions for the root cause.

F. Herd mentality. (Again blame evolution and Biology, Awareness is the key )

G. Easily giving up morals and ethics to achieve an objective.

H. Not fighting enough for wrongs done by others in case of need.

I. No Goals and dreams.

J. Always complaining.

K. Fearing failure. ( very tricky thing, it depends on a lot of variables, and will not agree 100%)

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