What is Faith? Accurate Explanation

What is Faith

What is Faith?

In simple terms trusting something whether it is a religious text or deity or invisible god, without subjecting it to any validation.

Believing in the existence of God is also Faith.

Blind Faith is a double-edged sword for human beings.

As we see currently in the world how blind faith triggered terrorism or other sectarian wars in some countries.

Faith is a tool for power-hungry people to exploit, for political gains, or to control people.

Now coming to the good side of it.

Can do miracles and cure you of some illnesses, we have seen the placebo effect.

Believing in being good to others, which will take you to heaven yielded good results in keeping society in harmony.

One of the deepest explanations of “Faith” in Indian philosophy has happened between Ram and Hanuman.

As we know Hanuman is completely faithful to Ram, hence Ram asked him why?

Here is the Answer which explains the whole Vedanta in three lines.

Hanuman said

“As Body and Mind, I am your servant”

“As individual consciousness, I am your part and you are whole, Here Ram is God for Hanuman”

“As pure consciousness, you and I are the same”

We here Sufi saints say as I am searching for god, and I found myself.

Ultimately what it means is, we are searching ourselves in a deeper sense.

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