Sattvic vs Tamasic vs Rajasic

Sattvic vs Tamasic vs Rajasic

To most of the people outside of India, This will be a completely new perspective about our way of living life.

As mentioned in Sankhya Philosophy, these are three Guna’s or qualities that we acquire based on the way we eat and based on our lifestyle.

Before we jump on to further details, we should understand why we need to know about Sattva, Tamas, Rajas?

Knowing about these will help you to regulate your eating habits and lifestyle to achieve well-being and health.

Achieving a sattvic body and mind is the first step in the spiritual path.

Now let’s understand what is Sattvic first!!

Sattvic is an adjective to the Sanskrit word Sattva, which means purity, light, harmony, etc.

Try to lead a sattvic life and live long without any health or mental issues.

Eat Sattvic foods, this is the first step, and have good sleep.

What are Sattvic foods?

Fresh fruit

Whole grains

Cow milk


and further details can be found at Sattvic foods

The benefits of Sattvic foods

Active mind and body.

Weight management

Lower chance for Type 2 diabetes, Cancer, Heart disease, etc.

Note: Please consult your doctor before proceeding to a sattvic diet

The second one is Rajasic.

What is Rajasic?

Rajasic is an adjective of the Sanskrit word Rajas, which means aggressive, involved in warfare, physical activity involved in sports, military, etc.

Rajasic foods examples are Meat, Eggs, spicey, Oil fried foods, etc.

The final of three Guna’s and the least preferred one is Tamasic

What is Tamasic?

Tamasic is an adjective to the Sanskrit word Tamas, which means lazy, pessimistic, weak, etc.

Examples of Tamasic foods are Alcohol, Coffee, Processed foods, salty and sour foods, etc.