Bhaja Govindam and This, too, shall pass

Bhaja Govindam and This, too, shall pass

The eternal illusion is a predicament for humans, this may look like pessimistic words to say, but, we have to be pragmatic.

Why do I say above? and why is the word illusion?

whether you are in the top 1% or middle class or upper-middle-class or poor, life throws up different challenges and questions to you from time to time.

The challenges can be of different types, they can be about relationships, money, health, career, and many more…

as it happens we at the moment of crisis get worried, nothing wrong with getting worried, it is spending too much time worrying that is the problem.

Whatever is the problem, we can take solace from the title of this post, let’s examine what Bhaja Govindam says.

🔊MP3(Narrated Meanings-Part1):

🔊MP3(Narrated Meanings-Part2):

“mā kuru dhana jana yauvana garvaṁ harati nimeṣātkālaḥ sarvam |

māyāmayamidamakhilaṁ buddhvā brahmapadaṁ tvaṁ praviśa viditvā”

Above is one of the verses from “Bhaja Govindam” by the Great Philosopher Adi Shankaracharya.

What the above means in English, see below

Do not take pride in wealth, friends, and youth, Time takes away all these in the blink of an eye, free yourself from the illusion of the world, and may you reach the abode of Brahman or Universal consciousness.

The other phrase “This, too, shall pass” is the best phrase you have to keep reminding yourself at the time of crisis, of course, you should act on future action plans to resolve the issue.

Bhaja Govindam and “This, too, shall pass” shall help you approach life in a pragmatic way and avoid a lot of emotional pain.