Why Mahabharat is Great

Mahabharat is the largest epic in the world, spanning 90,000 verses and 1.8 million words.

if you are well aware of Mahabharatha, each character in it you will see in real life.

Covering the entire Mahabharatha is a lifetime task, however, let’s take look few lines.

The following few questions and answers are from the Mahabharata epic.

The following conversation happened Between a King named Yudhishthira and a Yama disguised as Yaksha.

What enemy is invincible?

Answer: Anger.

What is best in all kinds of Happiness?

Answer: Contentment.

What is an incurable disease?

Answer: Covetousness.

What is the most valuable possession?

Answer: Knowledge.

Who is truly happy?


One who can cook in their own home.

One who refrains from Tamas Food.

One who has no debt.

One who does not come out of home for his livelihood.

One who does not over striving for material things.

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