Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga

The foundational book for Yoga is “Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Before we jump into more details, we need to understand what are the advantages and why you should do it?

The ultimate goal of any yoga practice is to achieve God-realization or enlightenment.

However, even if you do not achieve the above goals, the yoga practice makes you healthy, and have an all-around good life, and Kriya Yoga is a set of practices to achieve this.

Let’s see what Patanjali says about Kriya Yoga?

Three methods are suggested to be practiced to be called a Kriya yoga practitioner.


Whatever good action you are doing and if you are immersed in it, then it is called Tapas.

Maybe you can do Pranayama daily to improve your attention and health.


Self-study to improve your knowledge in philosophy and science.


Surrendering to God and having an attitude of Devotion.

Remember the word “Kriya”, means set of practices.

Caution: Remember to learn from an authenticated Yoga Practioner