How to Meditate Better

How to Meditate

How to Meditate

Meditation in simple terms means focus.

Before we jump into more details, it is better to realize the advantages of meditation.

The basic advantage you would get is “Reduced stress response from the body“, which itself cures a lot of issues with your body and mind.

Though there are multiple synonyms for mediation given below, the root word is from Latin which is “Meditari”, this does not fundamentally explain what is meditation.

Here below are the synonyms.

  • Introspection.
  • Reflection.
  • Rumination.
  • Self-examination.
  • Concentration.
  • Deep thought.
  • Pondering.
  • Quiet time.

Below are Some related words in Sanskrit that describe methods of meditation.

  • Japa
  • Tapa
  • Dhyana
  • Samadhi

If you are doing any of the above activities means you are doing meditation.

Now the question is Why you should meditate?

The contrary question is “Am I not doing already some kind of meditation?” by doing my work diligently or attending to my daily duties towards family and work.

The answer is yes and you are already a meditator.

Now coming back to the question of why you should meditate?

The answer comes within yourself, if you sense your daily life is causing increased stress levels and you feel you are not able to focus when you are required to focus, then you need to practice mediation.

Here is a beautiful explanation

Medite as per Yoga sutras of Patanjali

If you want to really practice meditation, learn it from an authenticated source initially.

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