Vedanta 6 states of a body

Vedanta defines six states of a living body or Sthula sarira

What are these six states? What is the understanding we need to derive from this analysis?

The objective here is to make you aware that, at the end of the day, you are a material being. Your physical body will not be eternal, so avoid unnecessary suffering for material gains and mind tantrums.

Asti: means existence

Jayathe: Birth

Vardathe: means growth

Viparinamate: means change

apakSheeyate: means decay

Vinasyati: means death.

Remember the saying of Buddha

“Sarvam Kshanikam Kshanikam,

Sarvam Dukham Dukham,

Sarvam Svalakshanam Svalakshanam,

Sarvam Shunyam Shunyam.”