Parents Day: Spirituality by respecting them

Parents Day Hinduism places a great emphasis on respect for parents.

There are many stories in Hindu mythology that illustrate this value. Here are a few of the most famous stories about respect for parents in Hinduism on Parents Day.

  • The story of Shravan Kumar and his blind parents is a popular tale in Hinduism, and is often told as a moral story about filial piety.
  • Shravan Kumar was a young boy who lived with his blind parents in a remote village. He was a kind and devoted son, and he took great care of his parents. He would wake them up in the morning, bathe them, feed them, and help them with their daily tasks.
  • One day, Shravan Kumar decided to take his parents on a pilgrimage to the four most sacred places of Hindu pilgrimage. He knew that the journey would be long and difficult, but he was determined to give his parents the chance to see these holy places.
  • Shravan Kumar built a special carrier, and he placed his parents in it. He then carried them on his shoulders as he walked the long journey. He traveled through forests, over mountains, and across rivers. He faced many challenges along the way, but he never gave up.
  • Finally, Shravan Kumar reached the four sacred places. He bathed his parents in the holy waters, and he showed them the temples and shrines. His parents were overjoyed, and they were grateful for their son’s devotion.
  • On the way back from the pilgrimage, Shravan Kumar was walking through a forest when he was accidentally shot by an arrow. The arrow had been fired by Prince Dasharatha, who was hunting in the forest.
  • Shravan Kumar was mortally wounded, but he managed to crawl to his parents. He told them that he had been shot, and he asked them to forgive Prince Dasharatha. He then died in his parent’s arms.
  • Prince Dasharatha was grief-stricken when he learned what had happened. He went to Shravan Kumar’s parents and apologized for his son’s actions. He then took Shravan Kumar’s body and gave it a proper funeral.
  • The story of Shravan Kumar is a reminder of the importance of filial piety. It teaches us that we should always respect and care for our elders and that we should be grateful for their love and support. The story also teaches us that even in the face of great adversity, we should never give up on our dreams.
  • The moral of the story is:
  • Always respect and care for your elders.
  • Never give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult the journey may seem.
  • Be grateful for the love and support of your parents, hence celebrate parents day

There are many stories in Hindu mythology that illustrate the importance of respect for parents. Remember These stories on parents day, to teach us that we should always be grateful to our parents for everything they have done for us and that we should always serve them dutifully, even when they are old and frail.

In addition to these stories, there are also many Hindu scriptures that emphasize the importance of respect for parents and celebrate parents day. For example, the Bhagavad Gita says:

One who does not respect his parents, teachers, and elders, who is cruel to living beings, and who is always dishonest, never attain perfection.

The Shrimad Bhagavatam also says:

A person who does not respect his parents is like a tree without roots. He may grow tall, but he will eventually fall and be destroyed.

These scriptures teach us that respect for parents is not just a matter of good manners, but it is also essential for our spiritual growth. When we respect our parents, we are honoring the source of our life, and we are setting ourselves up for success in both this life and the next. celebrate parents day by remembering the sacrifices and support you got all through your life.

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