Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Cyber Security Industry

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

Recent News Articles about Deepfake causing trouble to Celebrities is one simple example of the impact on cyber security by AI.

In recent times Most people have become more aware of AI due to Chatgpt from OpenAI, which uses generative AI to provide a more meaningful conversation with machines by asking questions, or in the AI world they are called Prompts.

How Artificial Intelligence Changes the Threat Landscape?

Criminals can create bots based on AI.

People can create fake videos, photos, and audio that look genuine causing social media chaos and manipulating people’s perceptions.

Phishing campaigns will be more sophisticated.

A new generation of malware that is harder to detect.

Bad information generated through AI is getting circulated.

How Artificial Intelligence can help improve cyber security?

It can help with detecting Advanced threats, Indicators of compromise, and Vulnerabilities by giving you the ability to do faster in-depth research.

it can help build AI-based security tools to investigate cyber threats with more knowledge at your disposal.

it can help do better automation, by the way of providing more quicker ways of coding and testing.

How to Reduce the Risk of Artificial Intelligence?

Governments start creating regulations and controls on technology proactively, A Recent White House Executive order on Artificial Intelligence is an example.

Self-awareness by gaining more knowledge on threats related to AI through training and learning through generative AI itself.

More controls and monitoring on Data Privacy on AI-based SAAS applications.

Is Artificial intelligence a blessing or curse for cyber security?

It will be a both curse and a blessing as with any new technology we have seen in the past history.

The curse comes in the form of new threats and maybe a few job losses due to companies moving toward more automation in both physical security and cyber security.

The blessing can be easier and faster automation and more productivity in research and development of new products and new businesses.

It is often misunderstood that new technology will reduce the number of available jobs, however, it is always more jobs that get created.

Promotes work smarter than harder.