Cloud Security and Zero Trust

Cloud security and Zero trust challenges

The covid pandemic caused remote work as part of the working environment.

Zero trust means “Every device, user, and network flow is authenticated and authorized”, This means more configuration to enable audit settings and configuration of cloud services and tools to get the required logging and enforcement.

This introduced lot of challenges for security monitoring in the cloud.

What are the challenges? Let’s know some of them.

  • Who is responsible for monitoring security in the cloud?
  • Tracking the lateral movement in the cloud by an attacker.
  • Is security a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the organization?
  • How much control we had lost because of cloud infrastructure.
  • Challenges in integrating the new log sources and new cloud tools used by workers of the organization.
  • Cloud Network security monitoring and configuration challenges.

Increased workload for security practitioners to do due diligence before initiating the use of the cloud service tools and services.

  • Infrastructure as a code leads to more configuration and security issues.
  • Organizations that are using multiple cloud providers had more challenges as the learning curve increases.
  • Logging strategies for multi-cloud environments became more complex, how do you aggregate the logs at a central location? the cost of moving the logging data across the environments is challenging both budgets, and implementation-wise.
  • Monitoring the dynamic nature of creating and destroying cloud instances by dev ops teams.