Cyber security tools you need to learn

Cyber Security Tools and Fundamentals

There are an unlimited number of tools available, However before we jump on to tools, please have the essential knowledge developed to use the tools, here below is a list of topics to cover to start exploring the tools.
1) Basics of Number systems.
2) Basics of Boolean Algebra.
3) Basics of Digital electronics components like logic gates, processors, memory, storage, etc…
4) Basics Operating systems Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS.

5) Knowledge of Networking, Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Load balancers, Web application firewalls, etc…
6) Learn the basics of one scripting language like Powershell, and Unix shell scripting like bash.
7) Learn the basics of a programming language like C Language.

With respect to the tools, you need to learn, let’s start with a basic list here.

Microsoft Excel, Sqlexpress ( useful for analyzing small sets of data, for large sets you need elastic search or similar kinds of big data tools)

Power BI ( useful for presenting your analysis )

SIEM Tools like “Splunk free”, OSSIM, Elasticsearch



Network troubleshooting commands.



Penetration testing process and usage with a tool like Nessus.


Burp suite



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