Cyber Security Protect yourself

Cyber Security Protect yourself by safe browsing

  • Most people use Windows as an operating system for work or personal use on their laptops or desktops.
  • Mac OS, Linux, and Android are the other operating systems widely used.
  • IOS and Android Mobile phone security prefer to have an endpoint security app installed.
  • Subscribe to a preferred identity protection provider.
  • Since the context here is security, let’s check the impact items to focus on, they are given below
  • The firewall on your laptop/Desktop.
  • Web Browser.
  • Email application.
  • Endpoint Security software. (aka Antivirus in the olden days)

Please ensure the following always.

  • Backup, have a backup in place to come out from a worst-case scenario
  • Ensure the firewall is active constantly.
  • Update the browser application regularly, this helps in preventing any exploits that the browser application provider patches.
  • Update your Endpoint security software, usually, endpoint security will have a default configuration of auto-updating itself.
  • Ensure endpoint security is running all the time.
  • User behavior and safe browsing is the most critical factor, if you are not cautious to double check opening documents, pdf files, excel files, and links, you will be vulnerable.

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