Cloud Security

Basics of cloud security

If you have experience in VMware or HyperV or understand how virtual infrastructure is built, the cloud is an extension of it on a larger scale.

A virtual infrastructure like VMware is designed to maximize the potential of hardware making it shared for more end users.

There are different cloud providers in the market like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and various others.

Organizations may have a private cloud built using VMware or HyperV or custom-made virtual infrastructure hardware and software.

What about security in this context?

Monitoring Authentication becomes a challenge as users can be across the globe, or users will be from various geographic locations.

A simple example scenario can be a compromised user credential showing up logged in from a geographic location than from a usual location.

Vulnerabilities in the software and hardware can cause serious damage by allowing breaches, as the environment is shared by multiple resources, this will affect more and multiple organizations, and this is a high-risk scenario.

Isolation is a very important factor, as the hardware and software are shared by multiple entities, and each entity needs a virtual isolated environment.

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