Karma Yoga

What is karma yoga?

Answer: Karma means action, yoga means a technique or practice, and in total karma yoga, means practicing karma in a technical and spiritual way to achieve a better life.

The best reference comes from Bhagavad-Gita.

Of the revelations, I call this a revelation because it is a kind of new-age thought considering the age of literature.

“Action is yours but not the fruits of action”

The above is a very significant statement and requires deeper understanding.

Does it mean you perform actions but do not expect results? this is weird because it looks like a kind of discouraging you from performing the action.

so then how we should take this suggestion as a part of our daily lives?

This statement helps us correct our behavior and the effects, which we face when getting greedy and more adventurous and risky behavior to achieve our end goals.

To understand why we cannot predict the results of our actions, because of our lack of depth in understanding, see below

“Butterfly effect”